Welcome to my little corner of the internet known as “Assaulting The Spire”. This used to be a political blog hobby of mine back in 2008-2009, but I got jaded on that really quickly and abandoned it. However, I decided to destroy & rebuild the blog in to something I know a little bit more about: video games. More specifically, I wanted to write about many of the issues that seem to be bogging down the industry as of late. I may still write up some news stories about some games that I’m excited about, and I plan on adding some reviews of the titles I purchase, However, I’m not a games journalist and this isn’t meant to be a site devoted to breaking games journalism every 20 minutes. It’s just something I wanted to do, and if someone enjoys reading the shit I write here then that’s a win for me.

As of how I came to choose the name of my site? When this was a political blog I wanted it to sound as if I was presenting an opinion that ran counter against the majority of people who saw high upon their ivory towers. In truth, it didn’t incorporate well because I wasn’t exactly a political analyst. However, I do know games and I do know how people in the games press have begun creating ivory towers of their own. So, I feel the name is appropriate to use once again.

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